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Ramadan day 11 # Training



Day 11.

One of the most discussed subjects during Ramadan #Training .

Before we start I will let you know that I will split this subject in 2. The first one will be about Timing.

First of all, I would like to congratulate you. If you train during the Holy Month; you are definitely a True Hero, nobody who does not fast can argue or question your WillPower and Commitment. Working out during Ramadan is a Mental and Physical Challenge, and for the Ones who can Overcome the difficulty such as: Lack of energy, Family Gatherings, Religious Responsibilities, Lack of Sleep, Dehydration and much more You have my respect and admiration.

Enjoy the reading.


What time shall I train Coach?

Shall I train before or after Iftar?


These are the questions I hear at least 5 times a day, and the majority of the Trainers will probably share the same statement.


Let’s break it down and go straight to the Point.

The Best Time for you to Workout is after Iftar. No doubts or questions about it, people who are interested in Optimal Results, Stay on Track, working to look good for Summer, Decrease Body Fat %, Increase Fitness Level and are serious about their lifestyle shouldn’t train before Iftar (all of you I guess).

This is my take on this subject and probably I share the same opinion of any serious Personal Trainer, Coach, Lifestyle Consultant, Fitness Instructor, Online Gurus , etc…. in the industry.

Your body isn’t Functioning Optimally while you are fasting, a few points for you to remember before jump in a crazy workout before Iftar:

– Dehydration; You can learn more about it by checking Ramadan Series 1 #Hydration

– Lack of Nutrients, your body is holding as much nutrients as it can to survive; you don’t want to waste that.

– Lack of Energy; no food no energy.

Ok, I probably lost half of my followers now. People don’t like to hear the truth, and i don’t blame you, I am exactly like you.

Let me help you out and give you some options: since the start of Ramadan I have become very kind and forgiving; I normally don’t give options; I think this is the Ramadan effect.


1- Train after Iftar; I think we are clear about it.

2- Train after Suhoor (it’s the last meal before dawn, before starting to Fast) You still have energy, it will be hard to keep up with the next 12 hours or more. But at least you have energy and nutrients.

3- Train right before Iftar; my least favorite of the list; but if you don’t have any other option, at least you can break your fast right after.

Hope i helped with your decision making.


Keep following the Ramadan Series.


Keep Strong.






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