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Ramadan Day 3 # Sugar

Our Sweet Friend, we can’t leave without it during Ramadan; this is the excuse that I hear everyday. I will help you to control it and get better options, even how to decrease the craving.

I know how hard is it,  variety is enormous: Kanafa, Basbussa, Kataif, Chocolate, Cakes , etc….

Getting diabetic only by writhing this, anyway let’s break this down and reach the point.

First you need to understand what happens to your body after a meal, your blood glucose rises depending the amount of Protein, carbohydrates or fat you ate.

For example after a carb meal your blood glucose will raise higher( if compare with Protein and Fats) and release a huge amount of Insulin.

If this event happens frequently , your cells become resistant to it. So will body will start to store Glucose as fat.

Studies proven that Insulin resistant is ONE of the biggest villains of Weight and Fat loss. So cutting your calories during Ramadan won’t guarantee weight loss , if your feeding is based on High carb intake.

Just a quickly reminder, Sugars are Carbohydrates. Shocking right?


Tips how to enjoy your Desserts


1- Don’t eat Sugar!!! Simple right? Just kidding

2- 2 to 3 dates are enough to break your fast on. Remember dates are also rich in calories, so don’t forget that moderation is required to help you maintain a healthy weight during Ramadan.

3- Don’t have your sweets during your Fitar, it will increase the size of your stomach and increase blood glucose. it means craving more and more sugar.

4- Have a Salad bowl before eat your dessert. It will decrease the craving and probably you will eat less.

5- Use Low Carb Fruits instead of desserts. Use berries or Pomegranate

6- Eat your dessert after 2 to 3 hours from your Iftar.

7- Choose dates, dry fruits , nuts and Green Juices to keep as snacks. It will help you out and maintain a healthy weight.

8- Use 3 fingers to control your portion. Yes I am talking about your dessert.

9- Drink Green tea after your Dessert.  Antioxidants to clean the damage.

10- Don’t eat it.

Hope you are enjoying our series, see you again on Day 5.



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